At Matrix Technologies, VoIP Is the 'Going-Forward' Solution

In a tight economy, businesses peer into every corner of their operations to squeeze out inefficiencies. Communications, with its steady stream of advances, is one area always ripe for a closer look. An innovative company that stands to benefit from this scrutiny is Matrix Technologies, a voice and data technology integrator that has been steadily growing its menu of services to include network, mobility, and security solutions.

After seven good years in the Bay Area, the last five of which have been in Hacienda, Matrix Technologies is expecting to record its best performance here so far in 2008. "We're getting ready for a phenomenal year," says president Jarrod Sipe. "Customers are looking to reduce costs, some by investing in new technology that is more efficient. They are also looking to improve customer service levels, and the solutions we sell do that."

Using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), Matrix integrates the proliferating communications touchpoints - cell phone, land line, fax, data - into a streamlined system that responds to the way people work today. With so many employees now remote or mobile, this can add a significant boost in productivity.

Sipe offers his own work patterns as an example of what these solutions can accomplish. "I travel among our five offices, here in California and between Virginia and Tampa on the East Coast," he says. "I log on to my IP (Internet Protocol) phone at home and it follows me everywhere. I can check and respond to emails, voice mails, and faxes from my cell phone. I can even receive emails with a voice attachment. It's easy to schedule reminders in an electronic calendar simply by placing a call. It's like having your own personal assistant." Along with the productivity benefits come cost savings. "We've seen this approach cut cell phone bills by 60 percent," he comments.

Security is another advantage, especially for mobile workers. For instance, with Matrix mobility solutions, employees traveling without a laptop can safely access the corporate network from an outside PC without running the risk of spreading a virus.

Not surprisingly, the industry is growing at a rapid pace. "It's one of the top five IT spending areas right now," Sipe points out. Law firms, call centers, and healthcare are especially active sectors for Matrix. "Healthcare is moving to a paperless environment, and the VoIP products and solutions we offer for converged communications are the most secure in the industry, meeting HIPA [Health Information Privacy Act] compliance almost out of the box."

Matrix customers generally range in size from 50 to 3,000 employees. Larger clients typically have multiple, if not global, locations, Sipe observes, while smaller companies are looking for systems that can scale with their growth. For more information, visit the company web site at .

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