March Business Bits

  • The East Bay Business Times reports that Zantaz Inc. officially opened its new network operations center (NOC) in Hacienda on March 19. The new NOC, part of their new corporate headquarters, will allow the company to monitor its remote software and storage installation sites, where it archives e-mail and other communications data for over 1,000 customers. Zantaz currently stores over 12 billion e-mails at sites in Sacramento, Las Vegas, Boulder, and on the outskirts of London. The company adds one billion additional messages each quarter.
  • Hacienda's Shaklee Corporation has joined the United Nations Global Compact, the City of San Francisco, the Bay Area Council, and a variety of Bay Area business to form the Business Council on Climate Change (BC3). The BC3's first initiative, "the Principles on Climate Leadership," will give Bay Area businesses a strategic framework to address climate change as well as a forum to share best practices to reduce greenhouse gasses in both large and small companies. In addition, the initiative will create a model for climate action in the commercial and public sectors that the United Nations Global Compact will seek to place in companies and cities around the world.

    BC3 member companies pledge to address greenhouse emissions throughout their operations and corporate cultures, and agree to follow the BC3's five Principles on Climate Leadership: Internal Implementation, Community Leadership, Advocacy and Dialogue, Collective Action, Transparency and Disclosure.

    "Local actions can have a positive effect on the entire planet," observed San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. "The Bay Area is fortunate to have a visionary business community that is willing to get out in front of a daunting issue like global warming, and we are honored that the United Nations Global Compact will be working to bring this message to other communities and companies around the world.

  • "Hacienda's Lee & Associates was recognized as the sixth largest commercial real estate firm in the region by the East Bay Business Times. The ranking is based on the firm's 26 East Bay agents.
  • Polycom has introduced the Polycom RMX 2000 real-time media conferencing platform, which simplifies the delivery and management of multipoint video (multiple locations on a single call) as well as unified conferencing (video, voice, and content all on a single call) services within enterprises and through service provider IP networks. The RMX 2000 conferencing platform addresses the growing demand for a high performance video conferencing infrastructure that can support both room video conferencing systems as well as extensive deployments of desktop video collaboration, on-demand or instantaneous (rather than scheduled) conferencing, and high-bandwidth, processing-intensive applications such as high definition (HD) video and telepresence.

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