AT&T Welcomes Yellow Pages Unit to Hacienda

Bay Area Sales Force Creates "Pavement" for Fingers That Do the Walking

Whether potential customers' fingers are walking through the familiar yellow print directory or at their computer keyboards, a team of 170 AT&T Real Yellow Pages sales personnel in Hacienda is working to ensure that they find the goods and services they seek.

In April, the Real Yellow Pages unit, a merger of sales organizations from San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco, Concord and Petaluma, moved into offices at 4420 Rosewood Drive, bringing the total of AT&T employees in Hacienda to over 1,200. The unit works principally with home-based, small-, and medium-sized businesses throughout Northern California and Nevada to increase or improve visibility and accessibility through both print directories and online at . Sales professionals also collaborate with related support teams that include the artists who create the advertisements for customers.

Studies show that half of all adults in the United States use the Real Yellow Pages each week. AT&T's print directories are referenced more than 4 billion times each year while the network now receives more than 1.2 billion searches. The Hacienda contingent is part of a national sales force of nearly 5,000 that works on listings in 1,250 directory titles in 22 states.

"We take great pride in our print and Internet Real Yellow Pages and are often referred to as simply 'The Yellow Pages' because of our 125-year-history," says Jill Lenmark-Kosciuk, general sales manager. "Since Day One, we've specialized in connecting sellers with buyers at the perfect time - when they're ready to buy. Our print books are used by consumers three-to-one over our competition, and our Internet Yellow Pages, YELLOWPAGES.COM, grows stronger every day with more consumer searches and new products and services."

"We chose Hacienda for the same reasons many companies locate here: location, availability of the type of space we need, and access to public transportation," adds Sales Manager Ron Quinn. "We anticipate future growth and needed a location that will be able to accommodate that as well."

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